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Montblanc La Dame Blanche Collection Platinum 0.76 ct Diamond Solitaire, Montblanc Logo Star Cut, D VVS1 Grade

Montblanc La Dame Blanche Collection Platinum 0.76 ct Diamond Solitaire, Montblanc Logo Star Cut, D VVS1 Grade

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0.76 Ct Diamond Ring with Montblanc Logo Star Cut
Grade: D VVS1
Metal : Platinum (950 PT)
Cut: Mont Blanc Star Cut. Montblanc exclusive and one of a kind.

Model : 10387450


On the red carpet, it now shines in the necklaces of the stars. Its cut is unique; its brilliance and unsurpassed: the “Montblanc Diamond”. The highly artistic masterpiece cut into a star-shaped solitaire is the epitome of eternal beauty and now the crowning glory of the 950 platinum ring “Montblanc Solitaire” of the Montblanc Diamond Jewellery Collection “La Dame Blanche”. It is a puristically clear ring with fiery radiance of precious rarity symbolising for all times to come the person and the moment, when it was given.

What better way to define individuality than by something individual, something with an internationally incomparable shape that is also extremely rare! Formed from a highly pure and highly vibrant stone that was born deep within the bowels of the earth millions of years ago.

The Montblanc Diamond is a diamond of unique exclusivity. Intricate calculations and the experience of the best stone cutters were necessary to define the shape and angles, which give the Montblanc Diamond its unmistakable star shape.

Carved into the Montblanc star with the patented Montblanc cut, this diamond combines high colour and clarity that make its inner light sparkles.

Numerous are the celebrities, who shine on the red carpet of international gala events with the extraordinary design of the Montblanc Diamond. Its uniqueness makes it the centrepiece of the new Montblanc Jewellery Collection “La Dame Blanche”, the “Solitaire” ring. Created with passion, the “Solitaire” is the epitome of individuality and eternal beauty. Just as every love is incomparable, no single diamond resembles the other in colour and size.

An artistic beauty with an almost invisible setting, the Montblanc Diamond radiates a fiery sparkle in all colours of the rainbow with a purist-simple ring made of solid 950 platinum. A piece of jewellery that arouses emotions and symbolises the crackling fire of love, reminding of the person who gave it and the most precious moments of life each time it scintillates.

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