Refer a Friend and Get $25

Get $25 for every friend who joins Gilt & makes a purchase!

Referal Terms & Conditions
Luxepolis's Friends with Benefits is a unique referral program aimed at incentivizing you when you refer Luxepolis eCommerce service to your friends and family members only. Receive a INR 2000 credit towards a future purchase (the "Credit"), exclusive of taxes, shipping and delivery, when a friend or family member's first purchase and once Luxepolis ships successfully, provided that (i) such purchase was made as a result of an invitation or sharing products from you and shipped within 3 months of receipt of your invitation and (ii) you shared your product or your invitation was sent through a Luxepolis's authorized channels, viz., Luxepolis website, Facebook, email, twitter, whatsApp or any other social media channel supported by Luxepolis. By participating in Luxepolis's Friends With Benefits referral program and claiming the Credit, you represent and warrant that any person that receives a commercial email message as a result of your referral is your friend or family member. Luxepolis may at its discretion request evidence supporting such representations and warranties, especially for large scale referrals, failing which, it may determine not to proceed with the sending of any such emails to any addresses on the relevant list. ”The Credit will be valid for three months from issuance. The Credit must be used in a single transaction and may be subject to product restrictions or exclusions. The Credit cannot be combined with other offers, is non-transferable, and may only be used by intended recipients. The Credit will not be granted and may not be redeemed for a future purchase if your friend€™s purchase is cancelled or item(s) are returned. The Credit will not be revoked if the item is exchanged for the same item in a different size. If your friend or family member does not follow the directions in the invite email or other valid invite mechanism to accept the invitation, you may not receive the Credit, and Luxepolis will have no liability to you for your friend or family member's failure to follow directions. This program may be suspended or terminated at any time.