ABOUT Bottega Veneta

About Bottega Veneta

Founded in 1966, in the small town of Vicenza, Bottega Veneta, an Italian luxury house adheres to discretion, quality and craftsmanship. The brand follows a unique motto: ‘When your own initials are enough’, which communicates a sense of individuality and confidence, now synonymous with several of its artisanal products such as its leather goods, clutches, handbags and shoes. The brand has only excelled in its field, and continues to do so. The attributes it maintains its grounds on include: top of the line craftsmanship, innovation in design, contemporary service, and superior materials. Bottega Veneta puts an additional investment in its ethos and its artisans, who attain a remarkable set of skills, which combine traditional mastery and cutting-edge novelty, which adhere to its incomparable heritage. To further empower this art Bottega Veneta has started an educational institute to train and support future generations of this mastery.

In February 2001, the brand was acquired by Kering, previously known as Gucci Group, which is when creative director Tomas Maier came on board. He presented his first Spring-Summer 2002 collection soon after, which was well appreciated and achieved critical acclaim. In the following years Bottega Veneta has introduced several additions such as fine jewellery, watches, furniture and home accessories, to its already immensely popular collection of handbags, leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear lines for men and women, eyewear and luggage.

Bottega Veneta is globally distributed, from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North and South America. Each boutique is thoroughly designed by Tomas Maier, created to meet the standards of the brand, giving each client a more unique, luxurious, privileged and comfortable experience.

Shoes: Bottega Veneta designers take every aspect from the design, shape and height of the shoe seriously, to obtain the perfect silhouette. These shoes allow each individual to look stylistically powerful.

Handbags: Artisans of Bottega Veneta handbags bring with them a superlative quality passed to them from years of local tradition. They arrive with an understanding of the brand stature, and aesthetic sensibility, unique only to Vicenza. The intrecciato weave made way for the rise of brand, and today it is synonymous with only Bottega Veneta. The designers have managed to comprise this weave in the most intricate of their handbags collections, from clutches, shoulder hobo bags, crossbody bags, top-handle bags, tote bags, luggage, backpacks, business bags and messenger bags.

Small Leather goods: Bottega Veneta adds a touch of beauty to these commodities. As they are everyday uses, they have been meticulously created to give each user a sense of delight. The small leather goods collection ranges from wallets, cardholders, coin purses, leather accessories, key rings, and several more.

Ready-to-wear Lines: Bottega Veneta keeps in mind the changing nature and taste of the evolving customer. It aids them to dress with individuality and expression, surpassing the expectations with its design, quality and service.

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