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Luxépolis Protect Policy Buy With Confidence & 100% Peace of Mind

At Luxépolis, we understand the importance of trust. You are protected each time you place an order on Luxépolis. Every pre-loved luxury item is carefully authenticated by our in-house and overseas authentication teams with years of experience in spotting fakes.
Before we ship any item to the buyer, we verify to match the description provided by the seller
.If your shipment/order never arrives, we'll refund your payment. If your ordered item does not match the description, inform us within 3 days of delivery. Once we verify your claim, we'll refund your payment. Luxépolis Protect policy protects your order each and every time. Shop now with confidence & 100% peace of mind.
In a rare event, if you suspect a fake item is shipped, inform us with in 3 days. We'll verify your claims and if founds to be true, we'll issue complete refund.

Luxépolis 's Charter Against Fakes

Luxépolis fights counterfeit products. We have zero tolerance policy against fakes and believe that the true essence of luxury lies in fine craftsmanship and authenticity.
We take every step to discourage sellers from listing fakes, including banning the habitual fake sellers permanently from the Luxépolis community.
We also work with brands to report fakes and work with the law enforcement bodies and luxury brand industry associations/groups to report fake product listings.
Please feel free to email us at for further information on our charter against fakes.

Q) Can my identity be kept confidential on Luxépolis?

Luxépolis respects every individual's privacy and will ensure that a member's identity is not revealed to other buyers or sellers, if he or she so wishes. However for our record purposes, we will need correct details. Please go through the details of our Privacy Policy for complete peace of mind.

Q) Is it safe for me to order on Luxépolis?

You are protected every time you place an order on Luxépolis. When you purchase an item, we keep your payment safe with Luxépolis until you've received your order. If your item does not match the description, please notify us within 3 days of delivery. After we verify your claim, we'll refund payment. If we don't hear from you by 3 days after your order is delivered, we'll assume everything is OK and release your payment to the seller. Once we release payment, all sales are final and no refunds will be available.

Q) What methods of payment can I use to make purchases from the website?

For goods that are priced below Rs. 49,000/-, you can avail for Cash on Delivery (COD) option. However, using a credit card, Debit card or Net banking facility you can purchase goods even 49,000/- as well. Luxépolis accepts debit and credit cards from all recognized banks.

Q) What is the return policy?

At Luxépolis, we wish to serve the buyer to our best ability. We take delight in customer satisfaction. We offer three days as return policy incase a customer isn't satisfied. However, the product must be returned in, as is condition, as it was delivered, the tags must be intact as well and the reason for return is that the product differs from original description.

Q) Why list on Luxépolis?

The widest: Over 500 luxury and premium brands across categories
The quickest: List quickly in 60 seconds and anonymously
The easiest: Authentication, refurbishing and free warranty service undertaken by our experienced team
The best resale value: We market to the correct audience so that the merchandise sells faster and you get the best returns on investment

Q) How does Luxépolis charge the seller?

Luxépolis provides a one-of-a-kind platform for you to sell your pre-owned luxury pieces. With our support you will be able to unlock the value of your luxury possessions. After the sale of the product, you will receive 80% of the selling amount and Luxépolis will receive 20 % as facilitation fee. This is for all products priced individually under Rs. 1 lac. Incase of products above 1 lac the fees would be 11%. For certain categories like Automobiles and Jewellery, there is only a listing fee currently and no commission is charged.
The facilitation fee covers the following essential services:
(i) Developing and maintaining the platform
(ii) Offering Authentication service
(iii) Basic Refurbishing and cleaning
(iv) Logistics - Shipping & Returns
(v) Enhancing product photos
(vi) Marketing of listed merchandise
(vii) Customer Support